U.S Army Partners with General Motors to Test Chevrolet ZH2 Truck for Combat

Americans have come to know Chevrolet as the legendary brand that religiously engineers exceptional trucks, SUVs and compact cars. Each Chevy vehicle prides itself on exerting power and delivering distinct style on every road across the country. Now, Chevy has ventured into uncharted terrain with its newly created hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, the Chevrolet ZH2 truck.

Chevy ZH2

On April 10th, General Motors delivered the Chevrolet ZH2 truck to the U.S Army in Milford, Michigan, to test its capabilities in the hopes of implementing it as soon as possible into the combat zone. This exploration is the result of a $4 million partnership between General Motors and the U.S Army that aims at determining whether a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle can withstand the trials and tribulations of the battlefield. To determine that answer, the ZH2 will be tested by multiple challenges across various military bases for the next year.

The Chevrolet ZH2 is a modification of the Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 truck and code-named ZH2. This innovative truck boasts zero emissions and runs on electricity produced by a hydrogen fuel cell. Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could prove extremely beneficial to the US Army since they offer a greater fuel efficiency, range and noise reduction than the current JP-8 powered trucks. The new ZH2 truck is capable of reaching a top speed of 70 mph, outputting an impressive 1,000 pound-feet of torque and reaching a 200 plus mile range. What the U.S Army might be most excited about, however, is the possibility of accessing water and electricity for its troops through the Chevrolet ZH2. This Chevy truck can emit water, so troops would be able to access a rate of two gallons per hour if needed. The Chevy ZH2 also generates electricity through a mobile generator with 25 to 50 kW of power from the removable Exportable Power Take-Off Unit located in the truck bed.

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