So You’re Thinking About Buying a Car … These tips will help you make your decision.

Purchasing a car, truck or SUV can be a stressful decision process. But if you come prepared you can reduce the stress. The car buying experience has significantly changed over the last years with the ease of using the internet to not only research but actually choose the vehicle you want to buy. Except for the actual test drive and signing on the bottom line, much of the process can happen before you even step into our showroom. Whether using a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet or their smart phone, many customers arrive on our lot with the model, color, year & even the stock number of the car they want already in hand.

Once you’re here, our sales teams here at Central Maine Motors Auto Group are prepared to assist you and make your car purchase a pleasant experience.

Whether you start on our website or start by walking our sales lot, you’ll have a number of questions that you’ll want to ask yourself before starting your search for a car, truck or SUV.

What brand do I want?

Answer: Car shoppers generally fit into one of two categories: Brand “fans” may years later be still driving the same brand that was their first car. They know the brand and trust the product.  Other buyers aren’t committed to a brand but just want a great deal regardless of the logo on the trunk lid or tailgate. Whichever type of buyer you are, our sales teams understand and are ready to help guide you through your search. We also understand that online research, a hands-on walk around, and a final test-drive are all crucial steps in selecting the right vehicle. You’re going to be sitting in the driver’s seat of this vehicle for hopefully many years & miles. We want you to be sure that this is the right choice.

New or Used?

Answer: It comes down to your preference and your budget. New cars are exactly that, “brand new”. They carry the latest and greatest features for performance, also passenger comfort and safety. But brand new & shiny comes in at a higher price point.

When properly serviced and maintained, used cars offer a more practical alternative.  Our used vehicles must pass a substantial checkpoint list that reviews mechanical, cosmetic, & safety factors throughout the vehicle.

Whichever you choose, we always carry an extensive selection of quality new and used cars, trucks & SUV’s on our sales lots.

Is a certified pre-owned (CPO) car worth it?

Answer: In short, the answer is yes. If you’re committed to buy a brand new car, then go for it. A certified pre-owned is a like-new car with a lesser price tag. Driving home a CPO vehicle is something you should give some serious thought. These cars are thoroughly inspected, and many still carry a manufacturer’s warranty. Ask us about our broad inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles when you come in or start your search online at our websites.

Which is Better? Buying or leasing?

Answer: It isn’t a matter of which is better, but rather which is more appropriate for you. Buying and leasing both have benefits to be considered. If equity in your purchase is a must-have for you, then buying is the way to go. But if you’re after lower average monthly payments, leasing might be the route to take. Be aware, that most if not all lease plans have mileage restrictions over the term of the lease. If you go over the mileage limit of the lease, there can be a per mile over the limit fee added as cost to you when you turn in your lease.

Economical or luxury?

Answer: This will most likely come down to your budget. While many cars are designed to provide superior fuel efficiency, you might often have to balance that out with a lesser level of creature comforts. On one hand, many outstanding safety features can now be found even on the base models. But undoubtedly, a greater level of safety features will be available in the more luxurious models. Features such as heated steering wheels and seats, leather seating and other lavish comfort features including technology and audio are expected on today’s luxury cars.  If you want & deserve the best, our finance team will work with our list of more than 30 financial institutions to find you the best deal.

Why Central Maine Motors Auto Group?

Because we’re here for you.

At Central Maine Motors Auto Group, we want to be known as the first choice for all your automotive needs.  If you’re shopping for your next new car, or a pre-owned vehicle, we’re here for you. Need service maintenance or parts & accessories to personalize your ride? Our service & parts teams are here for you.

If you’ve had a major fender bender and require collision repair, we’re here for you.  Maybe you just want simple paint-less dent removal, we’re here for you.  Has winter’s harsh ice, snow, road sand & salt been tough on your vehicle? The team at our detailing and reconditioning center is here for you. They’ll return your ride to a sparkling showroom shine.

Regardless of your automotive needs, all of us here at Central Maine Motors Auto Group are here for you!