Gear Up for Some Summer Fun with These Toyota Tips

As soon as the temperatures start to climb into the 70s and 80s with regularity, Mainers start day-dreaming about beaches, hikes, seasonal homes and theme parks. After all, nothing screams “summer” like a refreshing road trip on a hot sunny day. If you’ve got the itch to cruise down the highway with your friends and family in tow or are just looking for ways to cool off and make some new memories, then we’ve got something you’ll want to see. Toyota put together this helpful series of automotive safety tip infographics you should be sure to check out before you pile into your minivan or SUV and start that road trip. Read on to learn a thing or two, and remember: you can come to our Toyota dealership near Skowhegan, ME, at any time to take care of any of your automotive needs before you hit the road. We’re always happy to help!


Toyota Road Trip Tips Infographic


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