Dodge Taps Adrian Brody to Direct Its Latest “Dodge Brothers” Commercials

If you’ve been watching TV much lately, there’s a good chance you’ve seen the latest Dodge commercials — they tend to leave an impression. Amusingly anachronistic, these ads feature the young creators of the Dodge brand in days long past, throwing raucous parties and blasting contemporary music in the hottest Dodge cars you can find on the road today. Soon, you’ll see four more of them, and they’re all directed by celebrated Hollywood actor Adrian Brody. Check the latest one out below!

Since October of 2014, the automaker has been running an ad campaign that remixes the legend of the two brothers who created Dodge Brothers Motor Car Co. a century ago. The commercials imagine what the brothers’ lives would be like in the early days as they founded their company. Of course, the brothers are seen driving cutting-edge modern vehicles that would be beyond the wildest dreams of anyone living in that era, blasting modern music through the speakers and burning rubber on unpaved city streets.

Two of the ads (“Drive By” and “Discovery”) have already started to air, with the next two (“First Dodge” and “Morse Code”) set to premiere later in the month. The ads feature the 2015 Dodge Dart and Durango, as well as the 2015 Dodge Charger and Challenger Scat Packs. Keep an eye out for the commercials, and pay a visit to our Dodge dealership in Waterville, ME, if you want to take any of the models for a test-drive!

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