Buick Launches Ad Campaign for the New Envision During U.S. Open

Did you catch the much-talked-about 2016 U.S. Open this past weekend? It was an exciting event to be sure, and people have been talking about the big winners and losers all week. The broadcast of the major golf championship was also noteworthy for another reason: the first appearance of the all-new 2016 Buick Envision. Check out the first ad below!

Buick launched its ad campaign for the compact crossover Thursday during the golf tournament. The first 30-second ad is called “Rock-a-Bye.” As you saw, it features a tired father trying to get his child to sleep — a challenge that all new parents are familiar with. The man decides to try taking his baby for a long, quiet drive to lull him to sleep. The final shot, with the two of them slumped over at the table, is priceless.

The campaign is noteworthy because the 2016 Buick Envision is the first major vehicle launch for Buick in years. Duncan Aldred, U.S. Vice President of Buick-GMC Sales, has stated that he believes U.S. Envision volumes could eventually reach the 50,000-unit range. With a solid build, comfortable cabin and versatile performance, it’s set to impress shoppers interested in a truly satisfying compact SUV.

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