5 Questions for Tina Davis

Central Maine Motors Auto Group Accountant Tina Davis

We’d like to introduce you to a member of our Central Maine Motors Auto Group team! This time we’re talking to Tina Davis, an accountant at the business office of our Maine car dealership group headquarters. Say hello to Tina — she’s got a great late-winter car maintenance tip you should know about.


It’s been a tough snowy winter. How do you fight off cabin fever?

You can’t fight Mother Nature. I ride it out by curling up with a hot cup of green tea and a good book to read.


What’s your dream vehicle for traveling in a Maine winter?

That one’s easy. I LOVE driving my new Chrysler 300 S! It’s comfortable, sporty and has all-wheel drive, a must for winter driving.


What’s your favorite comfort food for the end of a cold winter day?

A glass of wine and a bowl of chili with “the works.” Not too spicy, but a little heat chases away the cold!


What’s the best / your favorite thing about working at Central Maine Motors Auto Group?

The welcoming family atmosphere is amazing. It’s more than a job, it’s like we’re all a family!


Spring is coming. What’s an auto maintenance tip everyone should know?

You need to get all the accumulated road dirt & salt residue off your car. Salt is great on the road — not so good to leave on your car.